This blog records an online relationship I began with Kristina — a Russian woman, the love of my life, more likely a collection of old men with prison records — after she sent  me a flirty email message in December of 2007.  I decided to respond — with randomly pornographic, suggestive, or nonsensical writing — to see how long the relationship would last.

All of the email entries displayed on this blog are actual, verbatim, correspondence.  In some cases, I have reformatted email from Kristina, inserting paragraph breaks for readability. 

On the The Front Page, the most recent entries appear first, so if you want to start at the beginning you have a bit of scrolling to do.  A better option, if you want to read the whole blog chronologically, is to Click here and use the right arrow link above the post to navigate to each succeeding email. 

A complete waste of time?  Idle correspondence between man and machine?  Or perhaps a bored American savagely toying with a young love-seeking innocent living abroad, trying desperately to find her soulmate while struggling with her command of the English language.


 — Peter

P. S.

For the record, I’m not a complete idiot.  Check out these sites too:

Ekaterina Smailova

Russian Marriage Scams

Russian Detective Black Lists


8 responses to “About

  1. Imagine finding such a hot girl on the Internet, and so easily! I hope she feels better soon. Makes me want to travel to these great places, too!

  2. You have stolen the heart of the only woman I have ever loved. Now I have to wait and hope and pray that another beautiful woman needing my love and lots of money will send me an errant email.

  3. I am moved beyond words, and extemely envious. Only cynics believe true love does not exist.

    May the two of you share a long and lust-filled life.

  4. Sorry, but I’m getting almost identical letters from “Ksenia.” Don’t you google phrases to check? This is a classic scammer.

  5. I had not seen the front page, which indicates that you realize that this woman does not exist. I’ve had the same experiences.

  6. Hello everybody, me too i’m receiving same letters from “Nina”… and i decided to go on playing for a while!

  7. Hi Guys
    well if you got this far you are sure it is a scam like I think it is, I am still playing along, seing where it leads, her pix are hot im already on number 20

  8. Hello everybody, my “Nina” is different girl from Kristina (better: photo are different). My relation is going on so that i told her that i would send her money via Western Union… so that i gave her false transaction number id and today she told me that she couldn’t get the money from the bank! LOL Ah Ah Ah I must say that her letter is not so unpersonal, and even her english is better… of course, to send her money she gave me her real name that is really “Nina”. Don’t know what to think, maybe there are some good-looking girls that have a sort of scam agency!

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