Re: Glad to hear from you

Kristini, as I peruse the header info of your last email, it seems that you are writing to me from the Netherlands. I am very eager to visit, but I thought that maybe you were in New York, and we could get together.

Your English is pretty good. How long have you studied English?I appreciate that you are a very romantic person, and that Good humour is important to you. I too believe in love, and believe that fidelity and honesty are crucial to a good relationship. I also believe that two people must be sexually attracted to each other in order for the relationship to grow. I do believe I could be attracted to you, in a lustful way, and I would like to know if you feel the same about me. I think love is great, but an exciting, energetic, physical relationship, with regular sexual contact including deep thrusting and plenty of sweat is really key.

Let me know if you’re interested too.


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