Re: It is my life

peter-at-work.jpgKristina, thank you so much for the email and the additional pictures. You seem to live in quite a beautiful place. I love the photo of you by the water. In it, I believe I can see one of your nipples which is, how would I say to you, something on which to suck I would have much pleasure.

I, too, grew up with a mother and father, and also with a brother and two sisters. Your three room shack sounds very pleasant, and quite a home. I had quite a home as well, living in an 22-room mansion. It sounds large, and yes we each had our own bedrooms, but there wasn’t so much spare room since the servant, the chamber maid, the butler and the cook each had their own rooms and private bath.

But we did have a nice lawn. I remember one birthday, when my parents bought me a scale replica of the Castle at Edinburgh for the backyard, I ran past the pool, the tennis pavillion, the skeet range, and the beach we had installed, and couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be able to play in a real castle!

But, despite the material trappings, I was not especially close to my parents, and I envy you for your closeness with your mum and dad. My mother rarely breastfed me once I turned 11, and I suspect that explains my love of breasts today. For my money — and that’s an expression, sadly, that I mean literally — nothing propels me toward pure, emotional, truly heartfelt love more than a great pair of breasts. Seriously. I just love tits. I hope that “tits” is a phrase you use in your country too. If I could stare at a perfectly shaped pair of tits all day, I certainly would. And nipples? Yummmm. Don’t get me started on nipples. I could go on and on about twisting them, sucking them, tickling them, taking little bites of them, running the tip of my cock all over them, right before I jism over a gal’s breasts.

Is this something that might interest you too? Oh, Kristina, I do believe our relationship will only grow and grow. I believe I am growing right now, as I type.

Please send more photos. I’d love to see you topless. I promise I will think only of our email as I masturbate to your beauty.

I am enclosing a picture of a well built black man that I downloaded from the Internet. I am not quite so muscular, but I thought maybe this would inspire you to send me a shirtless photo too.

Fondly, and anticipating your next email with a slight erection,

Peter xoxo

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