Re: Evening with the Friends

Oh my God, Kristina!  That photo was incredibly sexy.  I’m hoping you were posing for the camera while imagining me taking you from behind, although perhaps that’s wishful thinking and it was simply very cold that day.  If you promise to wear that outfit when we first meet, and strike that same pose, I promise that my penis will be not unlike that stone pole that stretches up behind your right shoulder. 

I wonder if you spend much time thinking of me during your day.  Am I on your mind when you first wake, as you leave the soft silky sheets of your warm bed, as you wipe the sleep from your eyes, and stetch your arms wide to first greet the day?  When your sleepy eyes first face the mirror, do they imagine me behind you, wrapping my arms around your waist, holding you close and kissing your cheek?  As you undress for your morning shower, do you envision me running the water, testing that it’s not too hot, placing two towels on the hook of the door, and slipping into my nakedness as I prepare to lather you, and sponge your back, then gently shampoo your hair, then rinse, then repeat?

Or do you only imagine I slam you against the cold tile wall, thrusting my manliness into you again and again, until you shriek with pleasure, and our bodies climax as the hot water pounds against my back and I ram my cock deeper and deeper inside you.

I also like to bowl and drink a few glasses of Champagne.

And, yes, I hope that we can agree that we do not look at our  dialogue  as  on  an  entertainment,  and  we are both writing some very personal  words and things, as to the close person.  That’s only natural, as we get to learn more about each other, and I continue to mention slamming you in the shower.

I can’t wait for the next letter and, especially, the next set of photos, my love.  Perhaps I should more accurately say, I can hardly wait.  But, of course, I will.  Wait.  Hardly.  Very hardly.  For your next photos.

I long to kiss you and taste you.



If you don’t mind, please call me Penis.  That’s a name I allow only my closest lovers to use, as well as some of my attorneys.

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