Re: It is me my dear

Hi Kristina!

I have been very busy, but I was very happy to find your latest email when I returned to my computer. I am sorry for the delay in responding, but I have been having trouble sleeping ever since you sent me the nipple shot last week, so I have been staying up late reading about Pochhammer-Chree Waves. A friend from London sent me a copy of R. M. Davis’s book, “A Critical Study of the Hopkinson Pressure Bar,” and I must say it is a real page-turner. I have no idea if you are at all interested in physics, but I find wave theory fascinating, and when I have trouble sleeping I sometimes use the extra time awake to read works on physics or mathematical theory.

God, I’d love to rip the fishnet dress off of you and come on your chest.

I would very much like to come and see you in Europe, and perhaps go fishing with your father. Of course I have told my family about you! My mother immediately began knitting, preparing for the inevitable flock of grandchildren, and my father phoned a local psychopharmacologist to see if I should be put on medication. I guess he doesn’t understand true love, or is worried that we will meet and I will contract syphilis or gonorrhea. He is such a pessimist sometimes. Does your father worry that you might contract syphilis or gonorrhea from me? I hope not! I would hate to meet you in Europe and fish with your father and have to talk to him about my syphilis or gonorrhea while the trout are in season.

Please send me more photos of your breasts, and let’s talk more about meeting in Europe.

I am falling in love with you in a completely Photoshop kind of way, my dear.

Yours truly,
Penis xoxo

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