Re: Hearing from you brightens my day!

Hi Kristina! Yes, hearing from you also brightens my day. You know what would really brighten my day? Resend the photo of you at the beach, without the denim shorts. I would like that. Didn’t like the photo in front of the stone wall so much.

Yes, my love, it would be great if you came to visit me in New York City. Don’t even think of asking me to lay out any money, though. As much as I would be delighted to hold you, and kiss you, and thrust my hard cock deep inside you, and do all the things that a future Mastercard® commercial might call “Priceless,” the fact is that the feds have tied up all my money admist this whole nasty insider trading fiasco, and until we straighten it out, my assets are frozen. Talk about bad timing, huh?

Plus, I recently received an email from Nichole, who is eager to meet me too, so — no offense — I am weighing all my options. If Nichole trumps you with a full frontal, I may have to re-evaluate all my options.

Lose the denim and let’s touch base soon.

I love naked photos,
P. xoxo

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