Re: Some news

Whoa, Kristin, you heathen, you write me on the birthday of maybe our most famous Immaculate Child and nary a mention of Christmas at all?  Jesus, you’re really risking a good smiting there, babe.

It’s funny that you’re mentioning a travel agency, since I had the same idea and I, too, contacted a travel agent earlier in the day.  In my country, we say “Great minds think alike!”  (That expression is not as popular as the one I told you about earlier: “Show me your tits!”  LOL. (Do they say LOL in your country?  It means Laugh Out Llama.  I guess llamas laugh even more than hyenas. (Also, do they let you nest parentheses where you come from?)))

Anyway, I contacted my travel agent, who apparently is even more of a heathen than you, since he works on Christmas — wink, wink llama, or “WWL” as the kids say — and he is looking into getting you to NYC.  How great would that be?  What a fantastic Christmas present!  Maybe I’ll be able to ask you for money for a visa before you even get to ask me!

Please write me back and let me know when you know what you know.  I am so excited to soon be able to meet you.
Lovingly, on this very special Christmas,

P. xoxo  (LOL, WWL)

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