Re: My words to you from across the ocean

Kristina, that is soooooo exciting about the visa and your plans to come meet me, and the thought that together we “shall decide the question on payment of them.” I have, how you might say, “mine magnificent erection” at the prospect of soon meeting you and fondling your bare breasts.I think the first thing we do after you step off the airplane is get some food in you! Look at those skinny bones falling out of that bikini! I read somewhere that the average blowjob nets about 15 calories. So, that’s a quick 931 caloriies in the cab ride from the airport, assuming we stop along the way and get you a Burger King Double Beef Whopper (916 calories).

My travel agent says he can probably get a visa for a conjugal visit pretty cheaply. Let me know what number your guy comes up with, then I’ll let you know the cost my guy comes up with, and we can just go with whichever one is cheaper. I am sending you a photo of how I imagine you’d look if you try to extort me! LOL. Funny, right?

I am so full of lust right now, my dear. I can’t wait to see you in person, so we can exchange saliva and get to know each other even better. Please send some nude shots, and I promise not to post them on my blog.

Peter xoxo



One response to “Re: My words to you from across the ocean

  1. “Ball and chain” – beat fish-in-the-tub, by far.

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